I’m currently sitting in front of my computer, scrolling through my list of tweets. Okay so, my tweets give it away: I am completely obsessed with Blackbear. #BlackFriday is when Bear releases a new song every Friday. He recently dropped two new songs for #BlackFriday. The ‘cubs’ are extremely pleased.

The two new tracks are titled ‘Down 4 U’ and ‘Heartbroken’.


Blackbear always has the weirdest artwork for his tracks, this is the ‘Down 4 U’ artwork. 

Photo Source: 


The Soundcloud artwork for ‘Heartbroken’.

Photo Source: Soundcloud – @iamblackbear

‘Down 4 U’ is about how Bear reassures his girl that there’s no one else out there for him but her. He tries to make her understand that he’s a faithful guy. Ugh, I can’t help but feel jealous. I secretly wish I was the lady that Bear writes about.  ‘Down 4 U’ has a catchy beat, simple yet sincere lyrics. As Bear clearly puts it –

All those other girls that you think I’m creepin’ ’round with, I ain’t girl. I’m only down for you.

‘Heartbroken’ ft Bobby Raps is a more racy track. Bear tells a girl that he is far more experienced, happens to lead girls on and when she’s with him she shouldn’t be afraid to get her heart broken. (Hmm, put those claws away, Bear).

I’ve been listening to Blackbear for quite some time and his music just gets better and better. I guess this is sort of a good cop/bad cop situation. I mean, who doesn’t like bad boys? 😉

I look forward to the next #BlackFriday to see what Bear delivers. Cubs, are you ready?

Check out ‘Down 4 U’ and ‘Heartbroken’ on Soundcloud: @iamblackbear


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