July – you’d expect it to be pouring with rain as you walk down the road with a thick jacket, boots and a scarf. Yesterday, Cape Town’s weather took an unexpected turn.

My friend Kade-Marie and I decided to spend this oh-so-sunny Monday with some good old retail therapy. Our first stop was the V & A Waterfront. We decided to grab a bite to eat, not sure what the name of the restaurant was but the food was super yummy – nom nom nom.




Yummy lunch: Prego rolls with chips and calamari.

Photo Source: – my iPhone 5S


After lunch we missioned all over the V & A Waterfront, taking advantage of the 50% sales. We even spotted South African rugby player, Bryan Habana eating at one of the restaurants. (No, we didn’t ask for a picture with him despite all fangirl tendencies, ha)

After our successful shopping mission, our full tummys and sore legs were indications of unpleasantness and we decided to head home. However, Long Street seemed far too tempting.

Kade-Marie and I drove to Long Street with high hopes of finding some vintage items. We went to Second Time Around, Journey and a few other places (I’m not really good with names). The vintage shops in town have a few great items if you look hard enough but they’re a bit pricey too.


Kade and I casually posing in front of a few boats @ V & A Waterfront.

Photo Source: – my iPhone 5S 

If you’re looking for clothes that no one else really has then you should definitely check out the shops in Long Street, eh, it’s a lot of walking but we could all use some exercise.

Shops visited:



Long Street Boutique



Cotton On



Traffic Live


Second Time Around


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