I think it’s been about six years since  my friends created the Facebook group ‘Jason Mraz Please come to Cape Town’. Well, six years has been a really long time to wait but to our surprise, Jason Mraz finally decided to give SA shores a visit. Mraz performed at the Grandwest Arena on 1 March 2015. The lyrical genius wasn’t alone he was accompanied by all-girl folk band, Raining Jane.

I honestly only found out about Raining Jane when I listened to Mraz’s recent album titled Yes! Raining Jane consists of four girls: Mai Bloomfield (who unfortunately couldn’t perform due to a family emergency), Chaska Potter, Mona Tavakoli and Becky Gebhardt. The Jane’s have been writing songs with Mraz since 2007. Remember the oh-so-catchy song ‘Beautiful Mess’? The Jane’s co-wrote it with Jason Mraz. The Yes! album features songs co-written and sung by Raining Jane and Jason Mraz.

#jasonandjane Photo Source: tickets.peacecenter.org
Photo Source: tickets.peacecenter.org

Mraz was his own MC for the night and introduced himself and Raining Jane. He also joked about the people who arrived late to the show. The show started off with a performance by the talented Raining Jane, then main attraction – Jason Mraz came out and sang ‘Love Someone’. The stage was simple: instruments, microphones and a big projector screen. #jasonandjane wore black, all these elements added to the tranquil ambience and allowed everyone to focus on the the thing most important: the music.

Mraz’s humour made the whole night so fun through his little mistakes. My favourite performances were ‘Make It Mine’, ‘Lucky’, ‘Beautiful Mess’, ‘3 Things’, and ‘Quiet’.

Jason and The Jane’s harmonise so well together, their performance seemed effortless. The crowd had a ‘reflection of yeses’ throughout the whole show. They performed for three hours (I was super impressed as artists that usually perform here don’t make it past the 1 hour 30 min mark). Jason Mraz admitted that some people see him as naive because he is always trying to spread positivity. He added that his positive songs stem from pain and sorrow.

One of the greatest things about the show was the message. Mraz played a video in which he and Raining Jane drummer, Mona Tavakoli were invited to provide entertainment on a scientific research vessel in Antarctica. The video was playful and had wildlife dancing to Mraz’s mellow music as he sang ‘Sail Away’. Watching the video immediately made me think of how we should all do our best to help out wherever we can. I think the video tied in well with another song titled ‘Back To The Earth’, in which #jasonandjane sing about how when things seem as if they’re going wrong then they give back to the earth by doing their part to make the world a better place. Mraz even shared a picture of his garden back home.

The only complaint I have, which has nothing to do with Jason Mraz or Raining Jane, is that the Cape Town audience was super reserved. (I was really disappointed because why buy Golden Circle tickets if you’re just gonna sit with your mouth closed and stare?) But, Mraz and The Jane’s tried to get everyone out of their shells by making the audience do hand movements and teaching us words to some of the songs. I was really happy with the level of crowd interaction, no one felt left out, #jasonandjane made us feel comfortable and even referenced things relevant to us such as Nkandla.

In the end, the crowd was up on their feet singing along to ‘I Won’t Give Up’. We even chanted “We want more!” when the show ended and another song was sung. I even managed to get a few hi-5’s from Chaska and Mona 🙂

Overall rating: 11/10 because the show was amazing. Don’t forget to #SpreadYes!

#jasonandjane performing. Photo Source: royalalberthall.com
#jasonandjane performing.
Photo Source: royalalberthall.com

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