It’s easy to listen to a couple of songs and decide then and there whether you like it or not. This would be the usual way one tends to review products and songs. I decided to do things differently when writing this review about Miguel’s Wildheart album. People are buzzing about Wildheart all over social media, as much as I love this album I’ve decided to listen to each song more than once before reviewing it.

Wildheart is Miguel’s third studio album straight after 2012’s Kaleidoscope Dream that brought us hits such as ‘Do You…’ and ‘How Many Drinks’. Wildheart is exceptionally different from anything that Miguel has released before. I think that’s one of the things I like most about Miguel: nothing ever sounds the same. Wildheart gives off a fresh, new sound.

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Wildheart is more personal – almost vulnerable – and that’s something that Miguel rarely gives off in his songs. Sure, we’re all used to Mig’s raunchy lyrics (which there are quite a few of on this album) but this album deals with much more than that. This album is lyrically stronger than All I Want Is You and Kaleidoscope Dream. Love vs lust is an evident theme throughout the album as well as lessons to be learnt and hidden meanings to songs. Emotions are given off in ‘Face the Sun’ ft one powerful guitar solo from Lenny Kravitz. Miguel sings about his true solumate and how their bond is so strong. ‘Simple Things’ which was released a while before Wildheart also shows a softer side to Miguel, he sings about the simple pleasures which make his relationship happy: smoking, laughing and laying together, enjoying each other’s company.

The hammering drums and guitar leads are intense in most of the songs and add to the rock ‘n roll vibe such as in ‘Damned’ (Dru DeCaro I hear you, boy!) The construction of this album and the beats are ridiculous. Hell, even if you don’t like the lyrics, you’ll bob your head to this. ‘Waves’ is a definite summer song with a rad beat (yes, I took note of the sexual innuendo). It was the first song that I was hooked on when I first heard the album. This should definitely be the next single. It’s so catchy, you can’t help but sing along when the “I wanna ride that waaaave…” part of the chorus comes around.

The album also addresses serious social issues. In ‘What’s Normal Anyway?’ Mig tells us about how it’s difficult trying to fit in when you’re living in a racially divided area. This is a song that I find most people praising because it’s a song that people can relate to.

‘The Valley’ is the most vulgar track on the album that’s bound to set the mood. I honestly didn’t expect this track at all. I’m sure many of you had a general reaction of ‘WTF’ at first when you heard Miguel singing “I wanna taste your sweat, force my fingers in my mouth” and the weird chanting about someone’s womanly bits, but I’m pretty sure that’s passed. I couldn’t help but laugh when Miguel kept adding “bust it open” all non-chalant in the background. (On a side note, I saw a tweet and someone said that ‘the valley’ makes them want to do a slo-mo nae nae. Hahaha.)

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‘A Beautiful Exit’ deals with escapism. Miguel talks about moving away from your past and reminds us that even though things get tough, we have a purpose and we should break away from the chains of conformism. The Prince influences are dripping off the psychedelic vibes in some of the songs. Wildheart has radio-ready hits, which was never the case with previous tracks apart from ‘All I Want Is You’, ‘Sure Thing’, ‘Adorn’ and ‘How Many Drinks’. Miguel doesn’t second guess himself on Wildheart, he just goes with it. He’s totally chilled with the fact that people are either gonna hate or love this album. It’s as simple as that.

Wildheart is a hypnotizing album that takes you on a journey and draws you in. Get it on iTunes or at your nearest music store!


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