Flashing lights, bottles of tequila and so many sideboob views. Miguel knows how to throw a damn good party in his latest music video, ‘waves’ off his chart-topping album Wildheart.

The video starts off with an insert of his song ‘destanido a morir’ as Miguel enters the party (through a refrigerator door) dressed in leather and probably smelling like rock ‘n roll and sex. He then greets his (hot model) friends who welcome him with hugs and shots.

Miguel makes his way around the party. Cue visuals of strip ping pong, indecent make out sessions and Miguel’s kinda sexy body rolls intertwined with psychedelic images.

The video features many of Miguel’s celeb friends such as J Cole, Wale, Vanessa Hudgens and his recent special guest tour companion, DOROTHY, a Los Angeles-founded rock band declared ‘new artist you need to know now’ by Rolling Stone.

 Miguel and his band get the crowd jumping and clapping along to the catchy cowbell beats and guitar slayage. He even crowd surfs, something that happened often at his live shows when he performed ‘waves’ on his Wildheart tour.

Watch the art-filled ‘waves’ video:


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