My design skills are close to non-existent. Well, if you count designing houses on The Sims then I am a pro. But we’re not talking about my favourite childhood game in this post.

I was asked to use Abode InDesign CC 2014 to create my take on a tabloid publication. I chose one of my faves, ELLE magazine as I’m obsessed with their style segments and would love to work for a magazine in the near future.

I started off by searching for a centerpiece image. I chose this image of the beautiful model, Gigi Hadid. This image was originally used for her shoot with Vogue. I then tried to replicate the famous ELLE typestyle and placed the letters strategically on the page through leading points – the space between letters.

I (attempted) to carefully crop the image of Gigi Hadid to place her on a transparent background and then began creating and replicating headlines. I created colour swatches to match the headlines to the main colours similar to the ones Gigi is wearing. I then created stylesheets to build ‘font families’ so that all the headlines matched.

This took me a while to do and since designing this I’ve learnt how to correct most of the imperfections. My work was put up on display (so that means it wasn’t too bad, right? If all fails, maybe I’ll have to switch from journalism to design, heh?)

Well, you live and you learn. Let me know what you think 🙂

The finished design of an ELLE magazine mockup.
The finished design of my ELLE magazine mockup.

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