It’s been about four months since Blackbear blessed our ears with the sweet sounds of the emotion-filled LP, Deadroses. This time, he’s back with another LP, Help which deserves so many flame emojis. I woke up at 06:00 on the day the album released and by 07:00 I downloaded Help and listened to it without skipping any tracks.

The Help album artwork.  Source: rapgenius

I think Help is very different to Deadroses. The tracks on Deadroses were centralised around relationships, love and heartbreak whereas Help is leaning towards the feeling of independence, meaningless rebounds, acceptance as well as questioning relationships and actions.

Help is more upbeat than Deadroses, yet still fits into Blackbear’s genre of soulful pop and rnb. Help is a 10-track LP with absolutely no filler tracks. All of the tracks are hip hop-influenced with mixes of 808 drums and proper head-nodding vibes.

‘Hustler’ is where Blackbear describes his respect for a woman that can handle her own. Even though he prefers to hustle (provide) for her and treat her right. (Basically he’s a hustler, baby and he just wants you to know). ‘Hustler’ is one of those super catchy tracks ‘cos of the beat and especially the chorus. I’m a hustler, hustler. You know I’ma hustle for, for yaaaa.

There’s no other way to describe track seven which is ‘Help’ ft Maejor. ‘Help’ is such a lekker (Afrikaans slang word meaning so fucking great, cool, etc) track. ‘Help’ is basically Blackbear’s mantra for living such a wild lifestyle. He says that he does whatever the hell he likes. He even proves he’s such a bad boy ‘cos he’ll do whatever he wants with your girl, hmmm. Maejor’s verse on this track acts as words from a paranoid mother, maybe? Nah, Maejor’s verse is advice to Blackbear about how he should have a vision for himself and continue to make rad music.

In ‘Where Was U?’, Blackbear describes his reckless past and how he’s managed to make a success of his life all by himself. Everyone’s noticing Bear now that he’s slaying but few took note of him a couple of years ago when he was young and driven.

‘Verbatim’ is all about honesty. Blackbear says he’ll always be there for his girl and will always keep it 100 with her, even through all the fake friends and lies. He just wants her to do the same for him. I think this is my favourite track off the album ‘cos it reminds me of Blackbear’s old school tracks that he used to release on his Soundcloud.

10 things the Help LP has taught me

  1. Blackbear just proved (once again) that he’s capable of releasing tracks that are super relatable on a global scale.
  2. Feelings suck.
  3. More money legit means more problems (and may lead to possible feelings of anxiety).
  4. Sometimes you have to hustle alone before people realise your full potential.
  5. A care-free attitude isn’t necessarily a bad one.
  6. Silence can drive people crazy. Whoever said that the silent treatment works was clearly lying.
  7. (Note to self: Don’t mix Xanax with alcohol, ever)
  8. Some people just aren’t meant to settle down.
  9. If you don’t buy your mom a beach house when you’re rich then you’re a terrible person.
  10. Always feel like a hundred million dollars ‘cos you’re a true gem. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not.
I told you that feelings suck. Source: Tumblr 

If you like Blackbear’s music or if you’re an emotional wreck / in your feels, be sure to download his LP, Help on iTunes.


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