I’ve been off the radar due to the festive season and to tell you the truth I’ve enjoyed spending my time relaxing and doing activities in Cape Town that I would rarely consider doing. My holiday was quite bold as I’m really not the outdoor kinda girl. Holiday activities varied from beach horse riding in Noordhoek to hopping on and off the red sightseeing bus on various scenic routes, an eagle encounters session at Spier and even the cheetah outreach where I petted a chilled cheetah named Rafiki.

Being bold is something that most people struggle with, whether it’s being afraid of asking a question, feeling like you’re unable to say ‘no’ in a situation, a fashion choice – you’ll ask yourself if you’d dare to wear stripes with polka dots or simply doing something new for the first time to get out of your comfort zone.

Bold people aren’t afraid of standing out from the group and I believe there’s a bit of boldness in every individual, we just choose to show it in different ways. People always associate boldness with confidence but I think that being bold is about so much more. Boldness is about growth as a person, your progress within your personal and professional life and eventually using your strengths to create opportunities for yourself.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being confident, it’s definitely become a mantra for 2016 (just ask Demi Lovato or Hailee Steinfeld). So whether you’re taking a huge risk or making a small gradual change, step into your bold character. You’ll be okay.

About this look:

Bold prints always wiggle their way into the fashion industry and gives a slight nudge to those trying to be daring with their fashion choices. For this particular look, I wore a pair of high-waisted jeans with a crop top and a flowing bold printed shirt. My look was centralised around the colour blue. My tan heels gave a pop of colour that the outfit needed. This look can be dressed up or down when paired with the right accessories.

Navy Blue Printed Shirt // Foschini

Black Crop Top // Topshop

High Waisted Jeans // Topshop

Black Hat // YDE

Tan Heels // YDE

All images by Robin Stemmers | Robin Jae Photography

Here’s to a good week, everybody.

Mishkah x









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