‘Waves’ is my ultimate favourite song off Miguel’s Wildheart album. It’s a feel-good song that reminds you of house parties, shameless day drinking and summer vibes. Miguel recently surprised us and dropped the ‘waves’ remix featuring Travis Scott, best known for the catchy song, ‘Antidote’.

Miguel is about to release a remix collection of ‘waves’ featuring a bunch of different artists. I wonder if they’ll be better than the original version, many remixes usually aren’t.

‘Waves’ usually gets me through a tough week. I thought I’d show you some of my favourite ‘waves’ live performances with you.

Watch the ‘waves’ remix video ft Travis Scott:


Miguel, Dru DeCaro (guitarist) and RJ Kelly (drummer) show off their skills at Studio Q:


Miguel gives us the Wildheart experience live from the Red Bull Studios:

Hope you’re having a good week, if not, these performances might just put an extra spring in your step.

Have a good weekend, everybody

Mishkah x





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