The pace is starting to pick up since the university year started and it seems like there’s never enough time to balance personal life, academics and blogging. I’m currently busy with my final year of Journalism. You can’t even call it a final year ‘cos there are about three to four months left and I’ll be pushed out of the nest to start my six-month internship. See what I mean when I say things are moving at a fast pace?

In my first-year of studies, I would always be seen dressed up to the nines for campus. But as things get more hectic academically and the laziness kicked in, casual outfits are what I live in. Now I tend to dress around comfort but still try to make it stylish with my accessories. You’ll find lots of high waisted jeans and baggy, oversized t-shirts in a stack in my cupboard, all ready to be mixed and matched for lectures.

Last Wednesday, my friend Keshia Africa and I decided to shoot a look before one of our lectures. We walked down Roeland Street in town and found this space just behind Vida e Caffe. The shoot took less than 30 minutes and we were back in class in no time.

About this look:

Layering isn’t just for cold winter days. For this specific look, I paired a plain white baggy t-shirt with a baggy oversized denim jacket. To prevent the frumpy look, I tucked in the t-shirt and rolled up the jacket sleeves for a more structured look. I wore my chunky heel boots, which can make this look go from day to night. My silver accessories matched the silver chain detailing on my backpack.

The best part about this look was that I didn’t have to change or carry around extra bags (like I usually do for other shoots) because all I needed were the clothes I wore for class and I used my university backpack in some of the shots.

White T-shirt // Cotton On

Denim Jacket // Vertigo

Black Slacks // Zara

Black Backpack // Forever 21

Black Chunky Boots // YDE

Silver Midi Rings // Lovisa

You can follow my Instagram and Snapchat (@mishkahabrahams) to see what I get up to at university and for behind-the-scenes footage of my photoshoots.

Mishkah x

DSC_0061DSC_0112 unstampedDSC_0153





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