The past two weeks have been quite hectic and as we passed Moody Monday and Terrible Tuesday, I found myself looking forward to this mid-week shoot.

A change of scenery can honestly do wonders when you’re feeling overwhelmed. I’m glad we found this bright location for our shoot, something different to the previous ‘Style File’ locations. The bright wall colours and perfect weather brightened up my day, you could tell from my laughs in a little behind-the-scenes post on my Snapchat (if you want a sneak peak of events and shoots, my Snapchat name is mishkahabrahams).

Anyone who knows me, knows that my cupboard is full of black garments: formal pants to high waisted jeans, flowing kimonos and tops, jackets, shoes and accessories. All black. I always joke around when someone says “Ah, all black again?”

I’ll respond by saying, “All black, just like my soul.”

About this look:

I’m not one for heels and like many girls, I shamefully struggle to walk with them and end up having sore, red feet within 30 minutes of wearing a cute pair of heels. I found these babies at Woolworths, they’re quite comfy so you’ll see these heels feature in many of my blog posts (when an item is really comfy, I’ll hang onto it until it’s worn out).

My trusty Topshop high waisted Joni jeans and sleeved Cotton On crop top provide comfort and a casual component to this look.
Recently I’ve joined the ‘second hand’ trend (no, I’m not ashamed) and this is where I found this minimalist waistcoat.
The black and gold bag  is from Forever 21. I received it as a birthday gift last year, it’s so pretty and delicate that whenever I wear it. I’m worried that it’ll get damaged.

I’m really excited to be attending a launch later this week, you’ll find out about it in a  couple of days. Keep an eye on my social media accounts – Twitter: @Mishkah_1 and Instagram @mishkahabrahams for more details 😉

Black High-Waisted Jeans // TOPSHOP

Black Heels // WOOLWORTHS

Crop Top // COTTON ON

Waistcoat // -SECOND HAND FIND-

Black and Gold Bag // FOREVER 21

Mishkah x



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