Black Gold’s dainty, minimalist jewellery pieces were made for the everyday woman and I couldn’t wait to see what the gorgeous pieces looked like in person. On the 17th of March 2016, I headed off to the invite-only launch of the Black Gold ‘Raven’ jewellery collection. The public could follow the event on social media with the hashtag ‘#blackgoldraven’.

Black Gold’s ‘Raven’ collection was held at Anvl Kraft in Salt River. We were treated to yummy eats such as gold-covered fudge, cheese and baguette platters and chocolate cookies, all laid out on a harvest table with a huge motorcycle in the middle (talk about awesome dramatic effect, huh?). Eats were provided by Knead Bakery and Smak Deli. Gordon Graham’s Black Bottle whisky kept guests (more than) entertained with their selection of potent cocktails infused with hints of rosemary, lemon zest and egg whites with names such as ‘Black Bottle Spiced Sour’ and ‘BB Cooper’.

The venue was decorated in a rustic way, with lots of wooden undertones, brick walls, old sewing machines, vintage cabinets, old fans, wired mannequins and enough space for guests to mingle and peek at the collection.

The Black Gold jewellery pieces were displayed in a creative way, rather than the conventional jewellery-on-mannequin display. The pieces were all displayed in vintage-style cabinets and painted a picture with beautiful visuals from scenes of the Black Gold short film, printed on A3 papers, hanging on hangers as if it were pieces of clothing at a fashion collection.

The ‘Raven’ collection includes simple yet striking pieces, often gold in colour with the odd piece being crusted in black diamond-like bracelet rings and silver studs. Dainty bracelets and rings also sparked some interest with small details such as feathers and stones.

Guests had the opportunity to watch the Black Gold short film, titled A Story About Her, in a theatre-like setting with comfy leather couches and White Noise headphones that made you feel as if you were sucked into the video as you watched the inspiration behind the whole collection. After watching the video, guests walked around and looked at the collection and it seemed more familiar as they spotted jewellery pieces from the video in all the different cabinets.

I thoroughly enjoyed attending this event as this was my first launch experience as a journalist and blogger. The Black Gold launch didn’t mirror anything else I’ve seen before and I would love to get my hands on a few of the pieces in the ‘Raven’ collection.

*All images taken by me // iPhone 5S













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