Most of the ‘Style File’ shoots I’ve done have been quite simple and were leaning towards the casual to semi-formal side. A few years ago, I would have never thought of wearing a pleated skirt and a couple of weeks ago I decided to build a blog post around this black vintage pleated skirt, just to try something new.

Vintage shopping doesn’t always mean ‘SALE’ in big bright, red letters in a shop window. One could expect to pay a bargain price to a sky-high price (in the thousands) for one vintage garment. Classic pieces never go out of style and we’ll be seeing vintage items on the runway pretty soon. We’re currently seeing heavy influences of the denim jacket from the 1900s in-stores right now and in music videos such as Iggy Azalea’s ‘Team’ video. Bell-bottom sleeves and jeans from the ‘70s are also making their way to our stores and closets.

Many people turn up their noses when they hear about someone rocking a vintage item. I’m not sure if people think that the clothes aren’t washed or if they’re just of poor quality because of the lengthy period they’ve been stored. To me, vintage has more meaning that simply a second hand item or a hand-me-down. When I think of vintage items, I think of quality staple items, rare items and often something with sentimental value that could be passed down from generation to generation, just like this black pleated skirt passed from my grandmother, to my aunty, then to my cousin and finally made its way into my cupboard. Vintage items hold an emotional value of the person who wore it and an economical value of fashion during that specific era.

Even celebrities are boasting about thrift stores and bargain finds. My forever crush, Miguel, posted this picture of a shirt he found at a vintage store.

Reasons to buy vintage items:

  1. Better quality

Vintage items often have a higher quality and better fabrics that won’t tear when you sit down or wear it for the second time, unlike many items in clothing stores these days.

  1. Save the environment

Clothing factories are mass producing items and this has an effect on the environment. It can take more than 20,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of cotton, equivalent to a single t-shirt and pair of jeans (Business of Fashion, 2015). Help the fashion industry to become more sustainable by shopping vintage.

About this look:

I’ve become obsessed with anything high-waisted, especially jeans. This high-waisted vintage pleated skirt works well as a casual outfit but can also be dressed up. A great way to wear this skirt would be with a crop top to emphasise your waist. I paired it with this knotted denim shirt for an extra vintage feel. You could also use a belt to add more detail and this look will look good with a polo neck/ turtle neck sweater, brilliant for the colder weather which is about to hit Cape Town.

Maroon is my favourite colour (alongside olive/army green) but I don’t like to wear these colours often as it has become quite common (basically everyone and their mothers are wearing them). I opted for subtle tones of maroon which my accessories, nailpolish and shoes.

You can shop bold, high-waisted, patterned and plain vintage skirts like mine, online at Polyvore, prices starting at R190.

Maroon Earrings and Necklace // WOOLWORTHS

Knotted Denim Shirt // CHINA TOWN

Vintage Pleated Skirt // -VINTAGE FIND-

Maroon Heels // MR PRICE

Maroon Nailpolish // MORGAN TAYLOR

All images by Robin Stemmers / Robin Jae Photography (book here).

Mishkah x










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