Ponchos are like superhero capes, just more stylish. We’ve been seeing ponchos trending since 2015, from knitted ponchos to embodied, fringed, hooded, blanket styles and ponchos with zippers. Ponchos are perfect for when you don’t want something as heavy as a coat or jacket but still need to cover up when it’s chilly outside.

I entered a competition on Twitter to win a voucher through the Sleepless in Soweto babes, Twiggy and Lesedi. The competition was part of the H&M South Africa #FallInlove campaign. I entered for the fun of it and didn’t expect to win as I’ve never won anything in my life, ha.

About this look:

Lately, it’s been difficult to shoot style files with the odd Cape Town weather. Mornings are freezing cold and rainy, but when afternoon comes around you’re wishing you didn’t wear four layers of clothing. When shopping with my H&M voucher, I didn’t know what to buy but I was drawn to this poncho when I scoped their online catalogue. The colours and prints are unique and something different to what I usually wear.

I tied this look together with a belt I found in my mom’s cupboard (finders keepers). I wore plain leggings and a black, long-sleeved top to make the poncho the main attraction of my look. I added heels because the length of the poncho made me look a bit shorter. This poncho is perfect for lazy days when you have to dash out the house or you can dress it up for an event.

Poncho // H&M

Black Leggings // COTTON ON

Black Long-Sleeved Top // COTTON ON

Black Heels // MR PRICE

Have a good weekend!

Mishkah x

All images by Robin Jae Photography (book here).








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