It’s time to give Blackbear and Mike Posner the recognition they deserve. That’s right. Two talented, eccentric, green-haired guys deserve your respect and here’s why.

After years of building a fanbase, Soundcloud uploads, solo tracks and EPs, Blackbear and Mike Posner decided to merge their talents into a new creative collaboration, guaranteed to never make you skip a track. The green-haired guys at the Grammy’s, we know you saw ‘em, are now known as Mansionz. (Yes with a Z. Just how Jake Peralta would say it.)


Mansionz dropped on 24 March and is the self-titled debut album of ultimate fave, Blackbear and the slick cooler than you, Mike Posner as a hip hop and R&B duo.

I remember watching their studio cover of ‘Stay Schemin’ a couple of years back. Safe to say, that was the moment we just knew this duo deserved endless flame emojis as they oozed talent with every note.

The Mansionz album has 13 tracks and consists of 52 minutes of pure genius. Blackbear and Posner came in hot, pulling out all the stops on this album with some of the best features. G-Eazy features on the funky ‘Wicked’ track, which I firmly believe to be the next radio hit.

Every song on this album is exceptional, each representing its own unique and unexpected twist. Such as former NBA star, Dennis Rodman’s feature on the self-titled track, ‘Dennis Rodman’. If you’ve ever wanted to blast a track that basically flips the middle finger to everyone, this track will allow you to be as bad as you wanna be.

Saving the best for last, Mansionz features Snoozegod on ‘The Life of a Troubadour’, a creative take on courtship and the fight for the throne. Introducing Blackbear as the Mad Hatter, Mike Posner as the Troubadour and Snoozegod as Oliver. Talk to me, Oliver!

After hearing the masterpiece collaboration, can any of you still be sleeping on Mansionz? If you’re into smooth sounds and catchy yet brutally honest lyrics with a side of profanity then this album is definitely for you. This is a side of Blackbear and Mike Posner that you just have to hear.


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