Ponchos are like superhero capes, just more stylish. We’ve been seeing ponchos trending since 2015, from knitted ponchos to embodied, fringed, hooded, blanket styles and ponchos with zippers. Ponchos are perfect for when you don’t want something as heavy as a coat or jacket but still need to cover up when it’s chilly outside.

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I’m back at it, it feels so good to be blogging again! During winter, I don’t usually like to dress up because it’s so cold. I just throw on whatever is most comfortable before I leave the house. Yes, winter season fashion is great but my laziness isn’t.

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The pace is starting to pick up since the university year started and it seems like there’s never enough time to balance personal life, academics and blogging. I’m currently busy with my final year of Journalism. You can’t even call it a final year ‘cos there are about three to four months left and I’ll be pushed out of the nest to start my six-month internship. See what I mean when I say things are moving at a fast pace?

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I’ve been off the radar due to the festive season and to tell you the truth I’ve enjoyed spending my time relaxing and doing activities in Cape Town that I would rarely consider doing. My holiday was quite bold as I’m really not the outdoor kinda girl. Holiday activities varied from beach horse riding in Noordhoek to hopping on and off the red sightseeing bus on various scenic routes, an eagle encounters session at Spier and even the cheetah outreach where I petted a chilled cheetah named Rafiki.

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